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Nail polishes

Pedicure Services

Spa Pedicure - $27

Traditional spa pedicure; nail shaping, cuticle treatment, heel scrubbing, light exfoliation and massage.

Classic Pedicure - $36

The Spa Pedicure; your choice of aroma plus callus treatment to help soften the heels, hot towels wrapped with mask, and paraffin treatment. (Cucumber, Milk & Honey, Green Tea, Citrus)

Signature Pedicure - $45

The Classic Pedicure; your choice of aroma, extended massage with hot stones for the legs and feet with paraffin treatment. (Cucumber, Milk & Honey, Green Tea, Citrus)

Grapevine Pedicure - $55

The Signature Pedicure with real Aloe Vera treatment. This treatment will help you moisturize your skin in anti-aging Aloe Vera giving your a flawless look and feel to your legs and feet.

Will be serving complimentary drinks such as margaritas, martinis, wine, soda

Nail polishes

Other Services

Luxurious Jelly Pedicure
$ 60.00
Manicure Dip Powder
$ 50.00
Nail Clippers
$ 20.00
Nail Design
$ 30.00
Single Nail Extension
$ 20.00 $ 18.00
Nail Fix
$ 50.00
Classic manicure
$ 20.00
Fill With Gel Color
$ 30.00
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