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The top 2 Popular Pedicures: Massage Chair & Zero-Gravity Chair

There are many ways to get a Pedicure, but the two most popular methods are using a Massage Chair or a Zero-Gravity Chair. These chairs have their own benefits that can make your pedicure experience more enjoyable. 

A pedicure is a great way to relax and pamper your feet. But what is the best way to get a foot care? Zero-Gravity-Pedicure (with Zero-Gravity-Chair) in a Nail Salon can be a relaxing experience, but it doesn’t provide a complete massage on your back. If you’re looking for some extra massage options, you might want to consider Spa Pedicure with a Massage Chair. Both of these choices have their own set of benefits, so it really depends on what you need. Let’s see what the differences are and why people choose one over the other! 

History of Pedicure Chair

Back in the past, in 1985, the traditional chair had no function, just like an ordinary chair with a comfortable seat. As you can see, the following development is the Zero-Gravity-Chair with the remote that can lift and down some parts to make you feel more flexible when laying down the chair. 
The Massage Pedicure Chair become a new high standard for all modern nail salons and day spa since it was launched. They provide a comfortable and relaxing experience that is perfect for pampering your feet. You may find these kinds of chairs in all next gen spa easily.
Traditional Pedicure

Massage Chair vs. Zero-Gravity-Chair

Zero-Gravity Chair
modern pedicure chair with massage
Massage Chair

Both kinds of chair have their own benefits that can make your pedicure experience more enjoyable.

Zero-Gravity-Chair with lower price, so the nail salon should have a cheaper value

Let’s compare the price. A massage chair typically costs more than a zero-gravity chair. Keep in mind that the price of a pedicure will also be affected by the salon you visit. So, if you’re looking for a cheaper option, a zero-gravity chair may be the way to go. 
However, some nails spa can make the price a lot higher than its actual value, then they down the price by selling the Nail Membership, which you can get free in Grapevine Nails and Spa. You know what I mean? You will be charged a double price!
Not to mention, at texas nail salon like Grapevine Nails and Spa, you can get 6 exclusive perks.

When it comes to the actual pedicure experience

The Massage Chair is excellent for those who want a more traditional pedicure experience. You can sit back and relax as the massage chair does all the work for you while the staff in Spa Pedicure Salon takes care of your feet and legs. The Day Spa Grapevine can also provide more Treatments on your feet like Paraffin Wax, Hot Stones Massage, or VOESH Collagen Socks. It can be a great way to unwind after a long day. 
A zero-gravity chair can offer a more relaxing experience although this is the only advantage you can get from this kind of chair for foot massage compare to Modern Massage Chairs these days.

To sum up, if you’re looking for a massage option that’s the high standard pedicure, you may want to look into getting a spa pedicure with a massage chair. This have become the new high standard for modern nail salons, so you can expect a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. On the other side, a zero-gravity-pedicure makes you sleep easily, which you can do at home. We are curious which one people prefer, so we asked our audience on social media! It turned out that about 85% of people prefer the massage chair, and about 15% of people prefer the zero-gravity chair. 

How much is a massage pedicure?

An average pedicure costs from $36 with the basic and up to $72, depending on where you get it and what services you request. Though these two beauty treatments are fairly inexpensive, there are cheaper alternatives that can give you the pampering you’re looking for.

How much is a zero-gravity pedicure?

It’s about $30, depending on the salon you get make it higher than usual or not.

Where is the nail salon with the luxury pedicure chair near me?

At Grapevine Nails and Spa, they offer lots of pedicures from basic ones to the luxury pedicure. All their massage chair are new and modern with full of functions. This is obviously the best luxury spa pedicure near Grapevine Mills Mall.

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