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5 True Facts of Dipping Nail - Hot Trending Nail Art

What is a nail dip powder manicure?

Dipping Nails, or more generally, dip powders are a unique application where the nail is applied in powder form, and is dipped into a colored acrylic powder multiple times, then cured with an activator, and finished with a top coat. It is a newer way of applying nail polish and has many benefits over other types of nail polish, such as gel or acrylic. 

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How long does dipping powder last on nails?

When it comes to lasting power, dipping technique definitely has the upper hand. It can last up to two weeks without chipping or fading, and it also provides added strength and durability. In terms of design, this method is just like acrylics, but they’re much easier to remove. And, of course, they’re absolutely better than gel nails.

Bridal Dipping Nails with White


Gradient manicure and Hands Spa. Beautiful Woman hand closeup.

Is Dip Powder bad for your nails?

Of course not! This is non-damaging powder when properly removed using a soak-off wrap removal process.

If you’re like hot trending nail art and have nails that are weak and tend to break easily, I definitely recommend this method! Ask our nail tech next time you’re in the GrapeVine Nails and Spa, I promise you’ll love them as much as I do.

Dip Powder Nails vs Gel

Are dip process better than gel? There is no doubt that the dip method is better than the gel technique. They look more natural, are stronger, and last longer. Plus, they are easier to remove.

Pros and Cons of Dip Nails


  • Newest Powder Method.
  • Get a New Full Set every time.


  • Hard to apply at home with Dip powder kit.

Source: OPI and Grapevine Nails


Look at Dip Powder Nails Ideas and Color

There is no doubt that dip nails are better than gel nails. They look more natural, are stronger, and last longer. Plus, they are easier to remove.

The dip is a method of applying polish to nails that is faster and usually more natural and lasts longer than polish applied with a brush.

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